Tuesday, March 22, 2011


.....Never mind, it seems like I just traveled through time for exactly three month.

Some random sketches dump.

Random Girl with a gun.

Another random girl with a gun.
Random shipwreck in space.
I kinda like this, maybe I should tighten it up later.
I have a tendency of doing extremely clean sketches, this really is not a good thing, it makes my sketches lack of noise information to carry them to next level. Gotta fix it.

Random faces done during lunch at work
This has potential to become some kind of Victorian soap opera.
I ordered a Cintiq 21UX  btw.

Ammonia the 2 inches tall alien girl, changing dress in pressurized liquid.
She holds a gun because she's still pissed about missing her orbit towards Jupiter and crash-landed on earth.
Also, she is very trigger happy in the story (if there is a story).

By the way if there's anyone want a free BBQ or sushi dinner can sign up here.
Lack of update is totally my fault.

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